Server Rules

Server Rules

Please pay attention to these rules to avoid a lifetime ban!

All our servers have the same simple rules. If any server has specific rules, we'll make that obvious in-game, so watch out for welcome messages.

Rules For All Our Servers

  • Don't be a DICK!

This rules over all other rules. Break this rule, you may get a warning, or may be banned, depending on the severity of the dickishness.

  • Listen to admins!

Our admins are mature, reasonable people. If we make a request, it's likely there's a good reason so please respect any admin requests.

  • No abusing, sexist, racist or Xenophobic language

This is a game server, not a debating platform. Also, we welcome all players, no matter what country they hail from, what race or religion they or, or what sex they are.

IMPORTANT: We're well aware that it's become common to use the word 'rape' in gaming these days. We don't agree with this use. For example, nobody will 'rape' your base. They may 'raid' it sure, they may even 'pillage' it. They won't, however, force it into sexual intercourse against it's will. For this reason, use of the word 'rape' is BANNED outright in ANY context.

You may feel this rule is strange (some seem to), but remember, you never know who's on the server, or what they have been through in life, so stop & consider the effect this word can have on someone who's suffered in this way. Whilst some of our rules are flexible, this one is not. If really you don't like this rule, then fuck off to another server. Simplez.

  • Don't Hack!

I'm hoping we don't have to say this as it's a no-brainer! Get caught hacking, no matter who you are or how long you've played on our servers... you're banned.

  • No Mindless Trolling

A bit of friendly banter between friends is one thing, but trolling other players, camping their bases continuously and trying to ruin someone else's in-game experience, rather than playing the game is trolling and won't be tolerated.

  • Don't be a DICK!

What? This rule is in TWICE? Yup! and for good reason. This is the rule that most people will be banned under. For example, some folks decide to try to push the trolling rule, trying to edge towards the boundaries of trolling thinking they're smart. No problem if you want to do this, we'll just ban you. This is exactly where the "don't be a DICK!" rule came from, m'kay?

We Are Reasonable

Of course everyone has a bad day. If you lose your rag and mouth off once, chances are (depending on which rule you broke), we'll let you back on the server after a few days. That said, break the rules again or break serious rules even once, and you're gone.

As admins we spend a lot of time fixing scripts, talking to our player-base to figure out what changes or features they'd like, and hours are spent in-game helping people out with problems. For this reason, we take people breaking the rules above personally.