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Help To Keep Our Servers Alive!

All donations go towards server costs.

Do you enjoy playing our servers? We hope so! We certainly enjoy hosting them and do all we can to make sure you have fun.

We don't make a profit from our servers, never have and never intend to either! However it does cost to run the servers. This cost is covered in-part by the admins and also in-part by some of our amazing players, who sign-up as donors.

We don't give end-game perks to donors, but we do like to say thanks! We'll be giving in-game thanks to donors soon, but this won't be anything over the top, nor will it be anything that will mean 'end game' scenarios! We'll be striking a good balance between saying thanks to those who donate, and not making the sever harder for those that can't afford to do so.

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You're welcome to send a one-off donation via the option below, it all helps :D