About Petunia Gaming

(Or; Who The Fuck Are We?)

A few years ago, some of the current Petunia Gaming server admins were playing Arma 2 (yes, this was pre Arma 3). We pretty quickly got pissed off with the amount of servers with admins who spawn themselves unlimited gear, with protected admin bases, and players who seem to enjoy mindless trolling. So we could get away from this style of gaming, a small group of us got together and launched our first server, called 'Petunia' (so named after the first helicopter we found on DayZ... which Mike crashed within 10 minutes).

Roll forwards a few years to today and we've run a selection of servers, all with the same ethos for both admins & players - DON'T BE A DICK. We currently run Arma 3 servers: Exile Esseker, Exile Tanoa and, joining forces with the MTG Clan, Wasteland Tanoa.

If you're looking somewhere to play Arma 3 in a less troll-like environment, where admins give a shit, have a focus on enjoying the game, but at the same time don't take themselves TOO seriously, welcome your new home!